Web Development + Interactive

Web development + interactive

The world wide web. The hub of all business. While the promise of the web is still unfolding, one thing is certain – whether a coffee shop in Newton, Iowa, or a medical device company in Berlin – all businesses need a website and interactive presence. An app. An online application. Email interfaces. Text messaging. Voice commands via the TV to my physician, pharmacist and son in Philadelphia. Technology waits for no business to catch up. You’re either on the train to innovation or you are dying on the vine.

The options are endless and completely overwhelming. That’s why having a communications partner that has lived on the forefront of technology for 20 years is a MUST for your business. Charlatans abound. From the “free” website service to the teenager who just completed the latest and greatest coding course, whom you hire and what you have them do have never been more important to the success of your business.

Our web development + interactive service offerings

Digital strategy + execution

Using technology to drive marketing and win customers is the ultimate test of your business’s digital strategy. Executing on that plan is how we drive interest in your offerings. The options are growing daily, and one thing is certain: Consumers love their screens – to the tune of being plugged in nearly 11 hours per day.

Web design + development

TBG has been building websites for nearly 20 years. And while WordPress and Drupal are the favored platforms of the day, we are agnostic in our development – so long as the technology serves you.

Web content development

Content still drives how your site is ranked. Content tied to your SEO and SEM is a recipe for success and the core of how we work at TBG.

App design + development

Everything mobile. Intuitive. A few key words. Icons. Push a button. Deliver a message. Get results.

Video production

There’s a reason that YouTube is the world’s second most widely used search engine: People love videos. Whether products launches, how-to-guides, promotional campaigns or sentinel events, you need a storyteller that can craft your message that inspires consumers to act.

Digital advertising

There’s a revolution happening in the advertising world, and digital is the new frontier.

Search engine optimization + search engine marketing

SEM is the darling of marketers today, but SEO is the real hero of brand building. SEO is the quiet, powerful DNA that helps make your website relevant to search engines.

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