The Return of TBG Wired

The Bawmann Group is excited to announce the revival of TBG Wired! Previously a division of our biz that provided video services for clients and their events, we’ve given it an upgrade and expanded its reach to all things digital.

Over the course of just a few years, social media has jumped from a college time-waster to an essential communication tool for companies and organizations of all sizes. Just to give you some perspective: 73 percent of Fortune 500 companies have Twitter accounts. As of this month, there are more than one billion users on Facebook, 80 percent of whom prefer to connect with brands on the social network as opposed to traditional methods. During the Superbowl earlier this month, there was just as much – if not more –  attention on #blackout Tweets than the $4 million commercials. 

Clients often ask us why they should use social media. Our answer(s)? Multiple avenues to reach audiences. A more approachable brand. Fun and creative engagement that doesn’t start or end with the workday. Concrete analytics on web traffic and audience preferences that a television commercial or print ad could never provide. We ask clients to consider the relationships they might miss out on if they don’t jump into the social media ring with a well-planned strategy.

Check back with us every Friday for TBG Wired’s Social Media Snap, a weekly roundup of social media news that we think you should know about. You’ll also find our very own reviews of the latest gadget or software product in Tech Talk every month. We’ll candidly let you know if you needed it yesterday or should avoid it at all costs.

If you ever have any questions about why social media matters, what the newest social media site means to you or if you just want to muse about the trending topics of the day, email the TBG Wired team, Tweet to us at @thebawmanngroup, like us on Facebook or follow us on Pinterest.