Michele Worthington

Michele Worthington

Graphic Designer & Office Manager


I am TBG’s resident jack-of-all-trades: order it, ship it, fix it, find it, format it! I love solving problems and I’m happy to pitch in and do whatever needs to be done to keep our team moving forward.


I have been a nomad for a large part of my life and have moved from South Carolina to Washington, D.C., to Chicago and now Denver. My work experience includes administrative positions in several departments, from accounting to bookkeeping, order processing and customer service.

After hours:
I am a huge animal lover, developing elephant advocate and world traveler. I love gardening and making things grow. I am also a secret cat hoarder and have three fur-kids of my own.

Fast facts:

Music: House and 70s soft rock

Heroes: My Mom and Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, co-founder of Elephant Nature Park

Secret talent: Cat whisperer

Hometown: Charleston, SC

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