Merredith Branscombe

Merredith Branscombe

Senior Counselor

Every organization has a narrative, a story that can place them exactly where it serves the media and public to help tell their story. I specialize in helping craft that narrative strategically — visually with video or images, with words, with your online presence, with supporting data or your customers’ stories — so that your voice is heard, and your organization lives in the intersection between what you want to talk about and what the media wants to cover. I look for the little gems from your team that will tie into a trend or bigger platform for your stories.

I am a former journalist specializing in technology and science, working with the Discovery and Learning Channels while they were still geeky. My sweet spot is taking complex information and making it accessible, rather than dumbing it down. I have 20+ (!) years of forming media strategy and public relations for organizations both behemoth and tiny. In my former agency, 60% of our clients were acquired if they so chose, three went public, and all were funded.

After hours:
I hike every day, usually with my two dogs and my husband, whom I first met when I was 11. I dance for fun, whether someone is watching…or not. Raising three kids into compassionate humans, I have learned to take joy in the moment.

Fast facts:

Music: All genres. Keeps me sane. At least, so far.

Quote: “Never argue with a fool — onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” — Mark Twain

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