Brad Bawmann

Brad Bawmann

President and CEO



TBG is a dream come true for me. From the age of five, when I grew a pumpkin patch that took over my parents’ back yard and sold the harvest door to door to buy a bike, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. My job at TBG now is to get out of the way, to advise and let these talented people do their magic.


I almost went to medical school but an internship in London with United Press International convinced me I should try communications. I worked at the University of Colorado as a science writer and was the brand architect of HealthONE, Denver’s largest hospital system before starting TBG next to my kid’s play table in my basement.

After hours:

I love gardening and serving. I’ve been on far too many boards to count but I prefer one-to-one work with at-risk youth more than anything. Someday I hope to serve in the Peace Corps or another philanthropic endeavor but getting one child through medical school and one child through college is kinda important right now.

Fast facts:

Pets: Too many!

Influence/hero: Viktor Frankl, Dan Ritchie, my father, “Hammerin’ Hank” Henry Aaron, Steinbeck, Dickens, President Jimmy Carter

Food: Any and all kinds. Is it bad that I’m like “Norm” at several eating establishments around town?

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

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