Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing

Hall of Fame baseball player and oft-quoted philosopher Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” So it is with many folks who want to work with us. Often, they haven’t taken the time to develop a business plan or a marketing plan, and they rarely have conducted market research on what their audience wants. But they have drive, passion and a fierce desire to grow their market.

So they ask us to help them be a bit more strategic. They ask us how to judiciously spend their marketing dollars. They want to know how to effectively reach their buyers or stakeholders. They want to shape their messages so that they resonate and inspire action. Only then can we talk about the tactical execution of advertising, email campaigns, social media and other nifty ways to market their wares more effectively.

Our strategic marketing service offerings

Strategy development

Even a road map written on a cocktail napkin is better than “Let’s just try it.” Goals, tactics, timelines, budgets, metrics and responsibilities – these are the major elements of developing a tight plan.


Advertising is one way to control who sees your message, what they hear and where they read it. Whether TV, radio, digital or outdoor, advertising remains an important way to market in today’s ever-changing media environment.

Email + direct mail campaigns

Email and direct mail campaigns are often perceived as “throw away” ways to gain a consumer’s confidence. But if they’re well-crafted and strategically deployed with the right incentives, these marketing tools can be quite powerful.

Social media management + campaigns

Twitter. Facebook. Snapchat. LinkedIn. YouTube. What’s the best way to start a conversation with your audience? TBG can help you figure out the best social media platform to engage with your stakeholders.

Event management

Leveraging your company’s presence at key events is a great way to add marketing oomph without a huge financial commitment. TBG can help you make sure you are taking full advantage of community sponsored events and gatherings.

Trade show marketing

TBG has helped clients across the globe get more out of their trade show marketing with compelling designs, customized marketing giveaways and crafty guerilla marketing activities.

Community outreach

TBG LOVES community outreach. We lived Stanford’s renowned “social innovation” model long before it had such a fancy website and brand in the world of marketing. Community first, TBG has been forming coalitions and driving meaningful community impact for two decades – not just in Colorado but also across the country.

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