Some BUZZ about It’s All in the Pillow

Brock Matthews can credit a toddler with his growing business, It’s All in the Pillow. He devised the idea one evening after his toddler daughter tumbled her way through a floor full of drinks and snacks. A frustrated Matthews wondered if there wasn’t a better way to hold food, drinks, computers and other items on one’s lap.

Matthews worked to develop a decorative pillow that could double as a dinner tray or work space. After several designs, he created a “three-in-one tray pillow.” When unzipped, the pillow folds out to provide a tabletop and drink holder; the pillow locks when open to keep it from bending or folding shut when in use. When not in use as a tray, the halves fold back together and the pillow is tossed back on the furniture.

The majority of Matthews’ pillows are sold online (, but Matthews recently signed a contract with American Furniture Warehouse to sell his invention in the company’s 12 statewide locations beginning in July.

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