SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP:Facebook ads, SocialRank & LinkedIn publishing

Social media changes so much in a day that it can be hard to keep up. We’ve updated this blog for the past year with news we thought you should know about. We’re changing a few things and this will be our last installment of the Social Media Snap. Stay tuned for information about our newsletter, which will contain social media news and much more!



Social media presents an amazing opportunity to reach your consumers. This can be especially powerful in the health care field, as communication between patients and providers becomes increasingly critical. The Huffington Post published this great piece analyzing the power of social media in health care. It’s a great read for health care providers, marketers and those interested in the health care industry.


A new study released this week found that “Hispanic consumers are outpacing non-Hispanics in their adoption of mobile, social and online sources for local shopping, according to a recent study.” For companies and brands interested in targeting Hispanic demographics, this study can be crucial in finding out the best way to reach them.


In their continued effort to spread a variety of content to users, Facebook is going to make it easier for Facebook Pages to cross-promote one another. According to TIME, “If an organization with a Facebook Page tags another Page, that post may appear in the feed of a user who likes the page that’s being tagged.” This is great news for companies with a Facebook Page because it will increase the exposure of their Page to unknown but relevant users.


Facebook has announced that next week it will begin reworking its ad campaign structure.  Previously, Facebook allowed businesses to run one campaign with multiple ads. The restructuring will add a middle layer – Ad Sets – that will allow ad managers to create different group advertisements under one campaign.


A new online tool launched this week that will help brands get a better understanding of their Twitter followers. SocialRank shows you how exactly followers interact with your account in terms of which followers are the most valuable, the most engaged and who your best follower is. This tool will be a great way for brands to see whom their content resonates with and how they may need to change their content for different audiences.


We have mentioned in a previous Social Media Snap that LinkedIn recently started allowing users and business to publish content on the site. Though it is still unclear whether this will help define LinkedIn’s position in the social media world a little better, this piece from the Washington Post explains why LinkedIn’s publishing platform matters to both individual users and companies.

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