SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Turkish protests, Cheerios’ modern family & Star Trek’s mended generation gap

Social media was a bit of a hodgepodge this week. It wasn’t good or bad, up or down. It just… was. There were definitely things going on, as there always are in the social media world. But there seemed to be no recurring theme in news, no major trend realized, no groundbreaking deals or changes, and no wacko restaurant couple going nuts on Facebook. This week social media chilled out and took a breather. Which is understandable, I’d say, since it’s been pretty busy over the last few weeks. But have no fear; we here at TBG will search the depths of Google for riveting social media news for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!




  • In other HBO news, season six of True Blood premiers June 16th! To promote the premier, HBO is hosting a live, 15 minute pre-show before the episode airs. This pre-show, called “#TrueBlood: Live from Set”, will feature the actors answering fans’ questions posted online as well as highlighting some of the show’s top social media followers.




  • Cheerios recently released a commercial featuring a mixed-race family. Sounds harmless, right? Not everyone thought so. The commercial was posted on YouTube where it received a barrage of hateful and racist comments, leading Cheerios to disable the comments section. Cheerios is standing by its commercial as an accurate portrayal of an average American family. Sadly, social media sometimes brings out dregs of society, making many of us question how far we’ve really come.





  • One of my favorite aspects of social media is the ease of sharing. Whether it’s a life update, eye-grabbing headline, or YouTube video of a favorite song, our ability to share our thoughts and interests with others is seemingly infinite. With that being said, a friend shared this gem with me on my Facebook wall yesterday, so now I’m sharing it with you: a line-by-line breakdown of the Backstreet Boys’ hit song “I Want It That Way” that tries to answer the question eternally burning in the hearts of 90’s girls everywhere, “what way do they want it?”


Happy weekend,