SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Super Bowl hashtags, Dataminr & Arby’s Tweet

Social media changes so much in a week that it can be hard to keep up. Check back every Friday for our weekly roundup of what we think you should know about.


Welcome to Super Bowl weekend! To say we are stoked for the game here at TBG is an understatement. Super Bowl fever has swept across the city and has taken social media by storm. A few friendly hashtag rivalries are brewing between Seattle and Denver this week: the #ReadingBowl contest will uncover which city has the most bookworms and the #DenBestFans vs #SeaBestFans matchup is trying to find out which team has the most dedicated fan base. Entertaining, yes, but we all know where the best fans live.


It’s a given that the multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials will be fun to watch this year but brands are also catching onto the fact that social media can capture the attention of viewers at a fraction of the price. In this article CNBC says to expect hashtags on most commercials as brands lure us onto social media channels during commercial breaks. In fact, some brands will have dozens of staffers committed solely to maintaining their social media accounts during the Super Bowl.


News sources have gotten a bad rap in recent years for Tweeting inaccurate information. Twitter upped its media appeal this week by announcing a partnership with CNN and social analytics company Dataminr that will allow journalists to find accurate breaking news in its “infancy”. Breaking news alerts will notify journalists of Twitter activity through desktop apps, emails, mobile alerts and pop-ups.  Dataminr also has hoax protection in place to ensure the Tweets are accurate.


Keep your eye on Pinterest this year. It might not get as much attention as Snapchat or Twitter but it did just surpass email to become the third most popular medium for sharing content online.  Sharing on the network in 2013 grew by 58 percent, while sharing on Twitter grew by just 15 percent. By the way, the most active sharers on Pinterest are Midwestern women.


Lastly, another witty, well-timed Tweet captured the attention of social media this week. When Pharrell showed up to the Grammys wearing a large hat, Arby’s called him out:

It won the brand 6,000 new followers and more than 83,000 retweets. What’s most notable is that the social media manager didn’t come up with the joke himself. He was monitoring trends, noticed other users connecting his brand’s hat to the famous singer, then Tweeted the now-famous joke directly from the Arby’s account.


Happy weekend (and go Broncos!),