SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Social peer pressure, Facebook Hashtags & Twitter’s blackout

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It’s the week after Labor Day, which means… fall is just around the corner! Sweaters and boots, the crisp autumn air, pumpkin flavored everything, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be around 90 degrees in Denver today so I may be getting a little ahead of myself. But you can’t blame me for being excited! With that I say happy (almost) fall, go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and enjoy this week’s Social Media Snap!


A recent study of high school students has revealed that peer pressure is just as powerful on Facebook as it is in real life, maybe even more so. Social media exposure increases the chances that these teens will try smoking and drinking. Thank you, Facebook, from introducing FOMO to the next generation.


We’ve all seen those surveys about how Facebook usage increases feelings of loneliness, FOMO and anxiety caused by seeing our happy Facebook friends and their perfect lives. But that can’t possibly be the full picture, right? Wrong. According to a new study, “the intensity of smiles in Facebook profile pictures can accurately predict the well-being of undergraduates over the course of their college careers.” I swear we’re all going to need some major therapy in a couple of years.


We’ve mentioned the growth of social TV a few times in previous SMS posts. Industry analysts are now looking at how social media usage will impact this fall’s TV hits and make advertising more efficient. “The idea is not to compete with social media, but to use it so that televised shows, events, and ad campaigns will win more audience and audience participation.” It’s about time!


Facebook has updated its privacy policy… again. Frankly, it just looks like a lot of vaguely worded mumbo jumbo to me. This article helps weed through the seemingly random changes and sums up what this will mean for users and their personal information. Basically, we’ve sold our souls to Mark Zuckerberg.


Have you ever wondered what you tweeted three years ago? Topsy, a San Francisco-based social-analytics company, has made it easier for users to find past tweets, something that was previously an almost impossible feat. On Wednesday, Topsy released an archive of everything ever tweeted. That’s more than 425 billion tweets, videos, images, blog posts and location pins.


First there was @FeministTaylorSwift, and now there’s Adolf Swift? A Pinterest user recently gained attention when users discovered she was associating Adolf Hitler quotes with images of Taylor Swift. These pins were actually pretty popular before the public caught on. In response, Reddit users began posting pictures of Hitler with Taylor Swift quotes.


I remember a couple of months back when Facebook decided to adopt hashtags and everyone was super jazzed because it was going to revolutionize social media. Well, it turns out that hashtags on Facebook have zero viral impact. In fact, hashtags actually have a NEGATIVE IMPACT when used in Facebook posts, making them less likely to have a viral reach. #Awkward #Twitterrules #TakethatZuckerberg. Ok, I’m done.


Speaking of Twitter, the website suffered a 40 minute blackout on Wednesday. While users could still access it via mobile apps and third party sites, many felt the need to live-Tweet their breakdowns when they realized they couldn’t share their innermost thoughts at that very second. Except that they were, in fact, Tweeting about it, so….


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