SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: #RoyalBabyWatch, Zimmerman protests & Social Media Giving Day

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  • Well, #royalbabywatch continues as we are 6 days past Kate Middleton’s due date. Hopefully the bouncing baby prince or princess gets here soon so I can get back to real life. As much as I love perusing my various social media outlets for any morsel of an update, it would be nice to go out into the sunlight again. And with that, I give you other social media happenings this week that were not centered on the future heir to the English throne.


  • Early this week the trial of George Zimmerman concluded with a verdict of not guilty. Law enforcement agencies across the US, who were preparing for riots to break out after the verdict was announced, were pleasantly surprised by the calm demonstrations that happened instead. Did social media play a part in how people reacted to the verdict?






  • There have been many studies published recently that show people on social media are more narcissistic and self-centered. However, this week Saint Louis entrepreneur Chris Sommers proved this isn’t always true. He created Social Media Giving Day, which took place last Monday for the firs time. Snaps to you, Chris!



  • Honestly, I can’t come up with any witty intro to this article because it pretty much speaks for itself. The creators of Sharknado, SyFy’s most recent and surprisingly successful made-for-tv movie, have decided to get fans involved with naming the sequel. Yes, there’s a sequel. I will let that sink in for a minute….. Fans have tweeted and commented numerous title ideas including Sharkalanche, Global Swarming, and the Wizard of Jaws. It’s a pun-nerd’s wildest dream.


  • Twitter language can be tough to understand, what with all the Tweets, hashtags, DMs and RTs. Luckily, Mashable has created a Complete Guide to Twitter Lingo to help you understand exactly what the social media people (aka me) are talking about at the weekly team meetings.


  • Speaking of those social media people, Buzzfeed posted 26 Signs You Work in Social Media this week. Thank Goodness. Now, instead of trying to explain to my friends and family what I do at work (only to hear “Wait, so you just sit on Facebook all day?”), I can show them this eerily accurate explanation.


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