SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Netflix takes a risk, NYT outage & #ApplauseCoverSelfie

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If you’re an avid New York Times reader, you probably noticed that between 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. MT on Wednesday its website and mobile apps went down. No one was bored, though, because Twitter came to the rescue with some classic one-liners. Check out how the Twitterverse entertained itself in this Mashable story.

Just when I thought that I would never find a good TV show again, I developed a new obsession. Have you started Orange is the New Black yet? Notice I wrote “started”, not “watched” because streaming is changing home entertainment. This is a show meant for binge watching from Netflix, which is leading the way for us to watch movies and television shows whenever we want and as often as we want at a lower rate than any cable package. Is this social media? Not exactly, but it’s headed that direction. (It’s only a matter of time before social television really takes over and streaming will surely be part of it). Check out the reasons why Netflix took a huge risk with Orange is the New Black.


Wonder what happens when you die? One thing is known for sure: your Tweets can continue like you never left. LivesOn is a service that’s making a name for themselves with the line, “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep Tweeting.” After analyzing the content of past Tweets, it will write new ones on for someone who has passed away in their voice. A Buzzfeed writer tested it out (while still alive, by the way) and noticed some interesting results.


Listen, I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan, but she did something right on social media this week. Not only did a weird silent video of her begging fans not to buy her new album go viral, she also somehow convinced teens across the country to paint their faces like clowns and post to social media hashtagging #ApplauseCoverSelfie. I don’t get it, but whatever it is, it worked for her.


A tragic story out of California reminds us again how much attention our Tweets can receive. After a woman was hit by a car and killed as she crossed the street, the driver who hit her was arrested and charged with manslaughter. As soon as authorities took a look at his Tweets from the days before, his charges were upgraded to vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. “Drive fast live young,” read one of his Tweets.  And another: “Someone come on a death ride with me !!!” The bottom line is this was a reckless driver with no Twitter filter, which ultimately got him what many people might call justice. Read the story here.


A revolution is brewing in Egypt again. Don’t have enough time to read the stories? The Washington Post has listed the top 23 accounts to follow to understand the developments.


And to paraphrase what everyone out there is thinking, TGIF. Celebrate with this ridiculous GIF collection courtesy of Mashable.


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