SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: JELL-O hijacks #FML,Pepsi’s Like machine & big victory for women

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Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s what we rounded up for this week’s Social Media Snap. Read ‘em, then hightail it out of the office. A beautiful afternoon awaits and there are mountains to climb, beers to drink and Netflix shows to catch up on. #TGIF


  • In case you haven’t heard, JELL-O has hijacked the hashtag we all utilize when frustrated, angry and sad: FML. Commonly interpreted as “(profanity that starts with F) My Life”, JELL-O is playfully trying to turn the hashtag on its head by asking people to use the hashtag as “Fun My Life”. They even created a site that curated all the #FML tweets, Social media initially erupted in laughter, wondering who would hire someone so out of touch with hashtags to not realize #FML already existed. However, I think jiggling JELL-O might have the last laugh on this one. Its attempts at purifying FML are so humorous they’re worth writing about in the Social Media Snap and on every other social media blog out there. Kudos to you, JELL-O.


  • In what is technically a fair move to buy Facebook engagement, Pepsi has rolled out a Like machine. You can guess how it works: one Like = one Pepsi. It’s a brilliant move, really. If thirsty passerby Like Pepsi on Facebook, they can log in to their accounts using a screen on the Pepsi machine and get a free drink. If they don’t Like Pepsi, they’re encouraged to Like the page on their smartphones and then log in. It was unveiled at Beyonce’s concert in Belgium, because everyone knows Beyonce can launch anything and make it successful.


  • Facebook has finally taken an official stand against cruel content some pages showcase. Women’s rights groups took aim at the social media giant because of numerous pages that display and glorify horrific images of brutality and rape against women and children. The fact that these feminist groups swayed Facebook is honorable and a huge step for our society on and off social media. HOW they did it is just as amazing. Read about their aggressive public relations and social media campaign in this Huffington Post article. #Victory


  • With my own nuptials 34 days away (yes, my wedding website reminds me of the countdown every time I log in), I officially have wedding brain. One photo that was all over social media yesterday reminded me of what a wedding should be about: fun. Who wouldn’t want a giant T-Rex chasing their wedding party?


  • Color changing Lion King spoons, bright orange Nickelodeon tapes, Bugles! If you can relate to any of these things, you’re definitely in my generation. Take a look at this collection of 50 Things that Look Just Like Childhood courtesy of Buzzfeed and you’ll be craving a Snick marathon in your inflatable chair all weekend.


Happy Friday,