SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Instagram Direct, Hollywood’s latest campaign & social demographics

Social media changes so much in a week that it can be hard to keep up. Check back every Friday for our roundup of social media news we think you should know about.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, introduced a new feature this week that many say is an effort to take on Snapchat: Instagram Direct. This will allow Instagram users to send photos and videos directly and discreetly to up to 15 friends. It’s a move into the private photo sharing game that shows Facebook isn’t giving up after its $3 million rejection just yet.


Last month Facebook tweaked one of its signature promotions: it removed the classic thumbs up from the “Like” and “Share” buttons on websites as part of an overall branding change. It turns out this was the right move to make: Facebook’s visits from the buttons have jumped by 47 percent since the thumb disappeared last month. Did you notice this change?


In the latest example of social media’s role as a breaking news service, one observation at Nelson Mandela’s funeral this week made waves across major media outlets around the world and we first learned about it from a Tweet: the director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa used his Twitter account to criticize the sign language interpreter for  inaccurate signing during the service. This along with selfies of President Obama and behind-the-scenes presidential photos shows us again how social media can make us feel like we’re everywhere at once.


If you’re 18-to-34 years old, prepare yourself for a celebrity blitz encouraging you to sign up for health insurance. Hollywood has teamed up with the White house to execute a new social media campaign aimed at young adults, “Tell a friend – get covered”, which launched on Thursday. Appropriately enough, the campaign is based in California where nearly one-third of all of the signups are located so far.


Need to reach teenagers with a social ad campaign? Curious about the best social media network to influence males? A recent report broke down the demographics of the top seven social media networks and found some interesting information, especially about where that hard-to-reach teen audience is spending most of its time.


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