SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Google Glass, Twitter’s saddest day and Photos for good

Social media changes so much in a week that it can be hard to keep up. Check back every Friday for our roundup of stories we think you should know about in our Social Media Snap.

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon in Denver. The busy day/week/month has gotten away from me and it’s time to think social before running out to enjoy what is destined to be a stellar First Friday art walk. Luckily, as per usual, the social media world has not left us hanging for developments this week. Check out some highlights worth sharing below.


Is it just me, or has there been increasing amount of chatter around Google Glass lately? As they slowly find their way into the public’s hands, we’re getting glimpses of the world behind the glass. Check out Mashable’s collection of sports videos that were captured through the glasses including a basketball shooting exercise and a hockey game. It’s only a matter of time before our athletes are all sporting glass that makes every viewer feel like an allstar.

Surprise, surprise, Facebook has a new set of rules for us to learn and love. They keep us on our toes, don’t they? The latest round of guidelines is actually good for many of us– they’re taking away some of the strict guidelines that were placed on pages’ cover photos when Timeline launched in 2012. This Ragan article explains the bottom line: brands can now list a call to action, contact information and product details, as long as text doesn’t take up more than 20% of the photo.

Want to know the saddest day of the year so far? According to Twitter, it was April 15th. While it was tax day, this year’s April 15th was especially devastating with the Boston Marathon bombing. The day was not only the saddest of the year, but the saddest of the last five years. The formula used to analyze our world’s happiness on Twitter ranks Tweets on a happiness scale. Just to warn you, you can get lost in these graphs.

Next time you insist on snapping an Instagram of your delicious entrée, do something worthwhile with your art: help the hungry. A new app called Give your Calories converts the calories of your meal to dollars, then it provides a way to easily donate that amount to Action Against Hunger through PayPal. Just to give an idea, a 300-400 calorie meal would be a $5 donation. So next time you splurge on an extra value meal, offset that guilt with a little giving.

Does anyone else out there do social media for a living? We don’t have to tell you it’s unlike any other job. There’s no such thing as average in our scope of work. Engagement – not money – is king and our audience never sleeps. Check out all the challenges that are gladly accepted by social media managers around the world in this post.

Off to see the art. Happy Friday, all.