SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Geography of hate, a Facebook meltdown & Millennials’ Google habits

Social media changes so much in a week that it can be hard to keep up. Check back every Friday for our roundup of stories we think you should know about in our Social Media Snap.

Happy Friday, all! It seems like it’s been a rather testy week on social media, doesn’t it? Not to dwell on the negative here, but many of the developments that caught my attention had to do with poor management of social media, hate Tweets and the dangers of overexposing one’s self.

While we all love social media for the connectivity it can provide between friends and strangers and the potential good it can do in the world, it can also be breeding ground for negativity. Check out the unfortunate roundup below, then make sure to watch this matchup between an adorable puppy and a doorstopper to make your day a little brighter.


  • Sticks and stones may break my bones but words…can hurt on Twitter. A recent study on the frequency of hate terms on Twitter mapped out our most hateful regions. While the map makes the entire eastern side of America look incredibly racist, one article points out that zooming in will show pockets of hate, even right here in Denver. The study’s author also points out this is an extremely segmented group of the country’s population: it only analyzes Twitter users, and more specifically, only those who also allow geotagging on their accounts.


  • We’ve all heard the basic dos and don’ts of social media management. Do have a personality. Don’t get into public fights. Do post regularly but don’t post so frequently that you annoy followers. And when you realize you made a mistake managing the page, whatever you do, don’t blame it on hackers. Read a case study on the most epic brand meltdown on Facebook ever to read the gory details of one bakery that broke all the rules.


  • How could I write the Snap without acknowledging that one of this week’s trends on Twitter revolved around my alma mater, KU? Andrew Wiggins, the nation’s number one NCAA basketball recruit, announced Monday that he will play as a Jayhawk next season. Instead of inviting the circus of national sports reporters like most young recruits do, Wiggins invited only his community’s local sports reporter to break the news. That exclusive-access reporter saw his Twitter following jump from 1,962 to 17,800 in a matter of days. Unfortunately Wiggins also saw a considerable amount of Twitter hate from fans disappointed by his decision. (Sorry ‘bout that, Kentucky.) #RockChalk


  • In a related story, one high school football star in Pennsylvania said goodbye to a full ride scholarship to Michigan State as a result of rap videos he posted on YouTube. The songs involved profanity-laced commentary on drugs, women and homosexuals. His videos have a few hundred thousand views, so best of luck to him with his performing career? Be careful what you Tweet/YouTube/Facebook!


  • Lastly, we millennials LOVE Googling things. I’m not going to lie – I’ve asked Google how to hard boil an egg more times than I can count. I’ve also played doctor to my ailments and veterinarian to my cats’ odd behaviors by Googling symptoms (which usually terrified me a result). Mashable rounded up the top 10 inquiries we ask Google, and the list might surprise you/worry you about our country’s future.


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