SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Football crowdsourcing, North Korean Instagrams & the Sistine seagull

With more people joining social media each day, the line between real life and virtual life has become blurred. Watching the news for current events or phoning friends to catch up have become obsolete activities. We have everything we need to know right at our fingertips.

This realization can be both exciting and slightly terrifying. What happened to sitting down each morning to read the newspaper? Or gossiping while circled around the water cooler? Social media has reinvented how we interact with news sources, our favorite brands, and even each other. Love it or hate it, this is the new age of information and I don’t see us going back anytime soon. Check out some of these articles from this past week, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Twitter personality Matt Parise (@sucittaM) learned the true value of online friendships when his wife suffered a brain hemorrhage. According to this article, “Matt's Twitter followers began donating money through a website. People started offering items or services to sell, leading a woman in Miami to set up an auction site and a man in San Francisco to help with graphic design.” So much for the theory that social media is isolating and impersonal.
  • Instead of using the “old school” method of making Free Agency picks based on stats and performance, the New York Jets tried a new approach and asked their Twitter followers for advice on which players to draft. Responding to the tweet “Free agency begins tomorrow. The Jets priority should be _________.” fans were directly involved in the process that was previously reserved for a select few.
  • North Korea has been the great enigma of the modern world for some time now. Most of us have no idea what life looks like there. However, thanks to Instagram and the Internet we have finally been given a sneak peek behind the Iron Wall.
  • This week was huge for the Catholic Church as they elected a new pope to replace the resigned Pope Benedict XVI. But I didn’t find out about it by watching the news or scanning my favorite news websites every hour. Like many other people, I learned about the election of Pope Francis on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Social media is about more than current events. It’s a window into our very souls… sort of. According to a new study, what you “like” on Facebook says a whole lot more about you than just your favorite food or musician.
  • Many brides find it extremely challenging to plan a wedding with their mothers and bridal parties spread out across the country. By creating a Pinterest Wedding board they can share with friends and family, brides can get all the input they need without worrying about distance.

Have a great weekend and beware the ides of March. If you know what that means, we should be friends.

Socially yours,