SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: Facebook ads, ACA questions & Pinterest’s traffic impact

Social media changes so much in a week that it’s hard to keep up. Check back with us every week for our roundup of what we think you should know about.

Last July, Google announced a major change to its search-advertising service to allow advertisers to bid on keywords that would apply across all platforms – tablets, computers, etc. – instead of purchasing different words for each specific device. Many wondered how this new policy would affect Google’s third-quarter profits. On Thursday, Google showed us that this was definitely the right move as its stocks jumped 12 percent to more than $1,000 per share.


Speaking of ads, this week Facebook announced that it is developing a new targeting tool for retailers to show advertisements to users who visit their websites and mobile apps. You may be thinking “But I already see all of those ads on the side of my Facebook page. What’s the big deal?” Ad Age gives us a pretty good explanation on what this change means for users as well as retailers either currently using, or considering using, Facebook advertising.


With the recent launch of the ACA’s online health insurance marketplaces and the ever-growing number of people taking to the internet to find answers to their health questions, doctors and health care providers have realized that social media can be a powerful, yet overwhelming, tool at their disposal. Between Tweeting, blogging and pinning, this article explains a number of ways health care professionals can use social media to better serve their patients and the public as a whole.


A new study found that paid media on Facebook increases viral and organic impressions by 200 percent. According to this article, “this report showed that Facebook is the most cost-effective channel for real business outcomes. This is the first time data has proven that Facebook is good for business.”


This week a study found that Pinterest came in second in terms of driving traffic to online content. Though Facebook came in first, accounting for 10 percent of overall traffic to online publishers, Pinterest’s 3.68 percent of traffic is higher than the amount of traffic coming from Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit combined.


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