SOCIAL MEDIA SNAP: 2013 in review

The year is coming to an end and it was a busy one for social media. Rather than our usual weekly roundup of social media news, we decided to share our favorite developments from 2013. Enjoy and we’ll see you next year!


1. Oreo’s Twitter ad during the Superbowl In a masterful blend of real-time advertising and social media, Oreo proved the power and reach of social media with the ad they posted on Twitter during the blackout at this year’s Superbowl. This was a great example of brands embracing the possibilities of social media as a legitimate and beneficial medium for reaching consumers. The age of television commercials as the top source of advertising is coming to an end.

2. Facebook implements hashtags Facebook followed in Twitter’s footsteps this year by bringing the popular Twitter feature, the hashtag, to its users. Though Facebook’s hashtags have been less than stellar thus far, there is potential for it to be a useful tool to both individual users and brands in the future.

3. The rise of Pinterest For Pinterest, 2013 was a great year. For being a newbie to the social media world, especially compared to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest exceeded expectations by driving a significant amount of traffic to online retailers, online content and working with retailers to create promoted pins and real-time data to promote popular products on the retailers’ websites. I’m very excited to see what Pinterest has in store for us next year.


Stay tuned for Kelly’s pick early next week!