Social Media Snap

Social media changes so much in a week that it can be hard to keep up. Check back every Friday for our roundup of stories we think you should know about in our Social Media Snap.

Let’s be honest, we expected the Oscars to make a big splash on social media this week.

We were sorely disappointed.

It pains me to report that Twitter activity for the Academy Awards fell short of the chatter around both the Superbowl and the Grammys. Don’t get me wrong – there was buzz. There were 8.9 million Tweets about glitzy Hollywood things like fashion choices and the first lady’s surprise appearance, and while Jennifer Lawrence fall memes were unavoidable in the days after (side note: our office is in love with J-Law), the glamorous event’s social media buzz just couldn’t make our list.

What did, might you ask? The stories you couldn’t get away from and the ones you should be prepared to hear about: the Pope’s abdication, Yahoo!’s work policy memo read ‘round the world and Facebook’s upcoming redesign. Check out why they mattered below for your weekly dose of everything social.

  • Pope replaced by Empty Seat on Twitter
    As the world watched this week, Pope Benedict XVI step down as the leader of the Catholic church and many questions surfaced. Who will replace him? Where will he live after he resigns? And most importantly to those glued to social media– will he still Tweet? We learned the answer to that question yesterday: after his abdication, all of @pontifex’s 140-character Tweets were erased from the page and archived, his profile image was replaced with an icon of the church and the account was renamed to “Sede Vacante”, Latin for “Empty Seat”. We can only hope his successor will continue the tradition of Tweeting inspiration in eight different languages
  • Yahoo! retracts work-from-home policy, the Internet reacts
    Some of us are lucky enough to be able to do our jobs from anywhere. We update spreadsheets on airplanes, take calls in coffee shops and respond to emails from bed. (Oh, admit it.) Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer caused waves this week when she announced that she was ending the company’s flexible work-from-home policy, requiring all employees to fight traffic and drink coffee at their desks like the working world did before the Internet was invented. This caused a commentary storm on social media, including a parody account called @_YahooHR that entertained us for a few days. Critics loudly questioned Marissa’s empathy for other working moms as well as her understanding of why laptops and iPhones were invented.
  • Facebook to change news feed (again)
    It should come as no surprise that as news surfaces of widespread Facebook fatigue, the network is scrambling for yet another redesign. Word on the Australian streets, where the design is currently being tested, is that your “About” section will move to prime real estate between “Timeline” and “Photos” and the display of timeline years will appear directly to the right of the cover photo. Small story, but we thought you should know. You might notice the change when it happens, but it shouldn’t affect your Facebook stalking or Instagrammed meals a bit.

Did you expect to see another big social media development here? Tell us below what we missed.