Shoo the flu with the AMA


If you think you’re coming down with the flu, you might want to

visit The Web site is the nation’s first comprehensive online flu assessment program to coordinate care among patients and their families.  Healthy Circles’ Dr. James Mault created the site in concert with the American Medical Association, Microsoft, Merck, CVS Caremark and many of the
nation’s leading health care organizations. Surgeon extraordinaire and tech guru, Dr. Mault promises us the site is just the beginning of "medicine connected."

Somehow, as luck would have it, we were selected to launch the lifesaving interactive platform nationally via a tele-news conference/Web demo. Later in the day we held a news conference with Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., who led the nation in getting the word out about the service.

Here’s hoping you shoo the flu and stay bug free.