various parts or aspects linked or coordinated

Tying the right media together – with a consistent and compelling message

In today’s hyper-fast, information-overload, short-attention-span, splintered media universe, there is no way one medium can effectively move your audience. Tying the right media together – with a consistent and compelling message – is the art and science of integrated marketing communications. From websites to PR, social media, geo-fencing, video blogging and old-school user effective design, marketing has evolved to become more about discipline and repetition than spaghetti thrown against a wall to see what sticks.

At TBG, we’ve helped our clients find the right mix of marketing vehicles to promote their products and services for 25+ years – long before it became en vogue to be an in integrated firm. But just posting on Instagram and sending out a few tweets are hardly strategic or innovative. Innovation demands adaptability, and adaptability requires measurement and analysis. And leveraging one’s assets across platforms has never been more important as consumers have no patience for ambiguity, poorly designed products and services that don’t make the world a better place.

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing is about acquiring and retaining customers. It’s as simple as that.

Media relations

Media relations is often called PR. A more accurate description is “earned media.” Getting reporters and editors to do a story about you is what we mean when we talk about media relations.

Brand development

Sadly, the world is full of brand development “experts” who have little experience and sell their services like swamp land in Florida. Don’t be fooled by the fluff and puff espoused by so many. Brand development is a disciplined, rigorous approach to creating a clear, distinct and compelling market position for your company.

Web development + interactive

Websites, apps, interactive calculators and database tools have quickly become essential tools in the marketer’s repertoire. The days of static websites are dead, and responsive design is the baseline for relevance. Integrating all of your marketing vehicles with your interactive portfolio is Step One to building a compelling brand.

Crisis communications

Crisis communications and reputation management have been tenets of TBG’s practice since we opened our doors in 1996. Crisis is about command and control. Mitigating damage and learning when to play offense vs. defense are the hallmarks of a solid crisis communications practice.

Creative services

Whether you need a logo, brochure or complete web design, creative services span the visual, auditory and tactical representation of your brand – from words to photos, videos and user experiences. Creative services set your company apart from your competitors.

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