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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all about #royalbabywatch this week. With Kate Middleton’s due date looming dangerously close, how can you not scour the Internet for any tidbit of information about the future king or queen? Fortunately for you, there are some people out there who are a little less royal baby-crazed than I am. You can thank all of those crazy people for keeping the social media world going, allowing me to present to you all of this lovely news. (If it were up to me, this week’s Social Media Snap would simply be an analysis of potential royal baby names. I think Princess Richelle has a nice ring to it.)










  • Speaking of YouTube sensations, this week Justin Timberlake got into some hot water with his music video for “Tunnel Vision”. Originally, YouTube planned on banning it because of the full on nudity in the video. YouTube later decided not to ban it because although they have explicit rules against nudity, a spokesperson claimed that nudity is a-okay if used in an educational, documentary, or artistic context. Really? JT’s music video is artistic? If you say so.



I know, that was a lot. But now that that’s done, back to #royalbabywatch! Here’s a little teaser to help you imagine what the royal birth will be like. Enjoy!


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