The Urology Center of Colorado


The Urology Center of Colorado (TUCC) is the largest urology practice in the Rocky Mountain region. TBG serves as TUCC’s outsourced marketing department, providing a wide spectrum of integrated marketing and communication services to position TUCC as the region’s expert in treating urologic conditions. TBG created the TUCC brand in 2006.


TBG has helped TUCC grow from a practice of 12 physicians to 17 and become the Rocky Mountain region’s largest and most successful urology practice. TBG developed three websites for TUCC that receive an average of 12,000 visitors per month and have 169 associated keywords ranked on the first page of Google. Physician-to-physician marketing efforts for TUCC have resulted in TBG concepting and executing the Annual State-of-the-Art Symposium continuing medical education event, which generates approximately 200 attendees each year. TUCC’s annual Sports Radio March Madness vasectomy/vasectomy reversal campaign, led by TBG, results in a 20 percent appointment increase in March year over year.


Corporate Identity + Web Development + Search Engine Optimization + App Development + Collateral Design + Event Management


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