No more aching knees

Many runners and triathletes suffer from knee aches and pains. A new technique may help releive that pain. “Joint Energy” is an injection therapy designed to restore knee health for individuals who are experiencing pain because of aging, sports activites, phycial occupations or other factors.

Physicians at Colorado Pain Specialists are using the new treatment technique.

"Joint Energy is a true breakthrough in the field of pain management,” said Scott Brandt, M.D., of Colorado Pain Specialists. “The use of this treatment can slow down and may even reverse the effects of the knee aging process.”

According to Dr. Brandt, the injection therapy has been shown to enhance natural joint fluid needed for lubrication, slow cartilage breakdown, slow aging of the knee, promote growth of healthy tissue and allow increased activity with decreased pain. It is also a safe alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, such as Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex.

One patient, John Beeman, says, "I am a very active person and enjoy running and skiing, “ explained John Beeman, patient of Dr. Brandt. “I tore the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my right knee years ago and never had it repaired leading to chronic and painful arthritis. After two Joint Energy injections, I experienced immediate pain relief, increased range of motion as well as improved lubrication. Long term, my hope is that these injections can help me put off a total knee replacement.

Through X-ray guidance, physicians deliver an appropriate combination of medications to the precise location of pain. The treatment is nearly pain free with minimal recovery time, usually requiring only one day of decreased activity. Joint Energy treatments typically take 10 minutes to complete and patients may receive a series of one to five injections over a span of several weeks.

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