Media Relations

Media relations

Back in the day, we used to type up new releases and mail them across the country, hoping a reporter or editor would take some interest in our PR pitch. Today, it’s all about Twitter and Facebook and viewer-submitted content, moving fast and trying to find someone – anyone – to cover your story.

Well, the good news is that the media biz is stabilizing, and there is still a plethora of opportunities to get some PR for your company. Two things that haven’t changed are the value of your news and having really solid relationships with the media. From there it’s learning how to play the game and playing to the individual interests of reporters, news outlets and their editors. Straightforward and truthful. Media relations is the bedrock of what TBG has done for more than 20 years.

Our media relations service offerings

Intensive media training

Media training is training for all of life’s communications encounters. Whether speaking to a Rotary Group, 60 Minutes or your spouse, TBG’s proprietary media training module has been tested locally, nationally and internationally by hundreds of folks who need to learn how to shine in the spotlight.

Communication audits

Good or bad? Fire or hire? Plan or wing it? Cutting-edge or out of step with the times? TBG is often called upon to help CEOs and their boards get a baseline assessment of how their brand is perceived in the community and how their marketing department can improve.

Speech writing

Governors, senators, cabinet members, CEOs, moms turning 50. Yeah we do that. Getting the words right is not something we take lightly. That’s why so many of our teammates are former journalists, English teachers and TV personalities.

Blogger strategy + engagement

Blog this. Who has the time to write a blog? Sure, content takes time and hard work. And really good content doesn’t just appear on a website. But owning your own content and building a loyal audience is becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics for building brands.

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