Joint Energy for Pain

With every passing year many of us notice a few more aches or pains.  Over time, our knees can take a real beating.

John Beeman is 53-years-old and an avid runner and skier.  In high school he tore his left ACL playing football and had to have his left knee replaced a few years ago.  Unfortunately, his right knee is in even worse shape.  John would like to postpone the next knee replacement surgery and still continue to do the things he loves.  That’s why he turned to Joint Energy Injections.

Doctors with Colorado Pain Specialists use x-ray guidance to deliver medication to the point where John feels the pain in his right knee.  The injection takes about 10 minutes and John follows it up with physical therapy.  Doctors say the injection helps enhance natural joint fluid needed for lubrication.  They say it also slows the aging process in the knee and allows for activity with less pain.

John’s had a few injections so far and has been skiing 15 times this season.  He admits, he’s cut back on his running, but is pleased to still be able to do both.

Joint Energy Injections are usually covered by insurance.  If you want to know more call Colorado Pain Specialists and Joint Energy at (303) 268-4060 or go to their website at .