Logo design

Logo design

A wise marketer once shared the story of Picasso sitting at a café in Paris when a fan approached and asked the talented artist for a sketch. Obliging, Picasso quickly went to work and handed over the drawing to the adoring onlooker.

“How much do I owe you?” asked the bystander. “Fifty thousand Francs,” Picasso said. “But it only took you a moment,” said the buyer. “No,” said Picasso, “it took me a lifetime.”

Logo development is the same. You can pay for less, and you will get less. Talent, education and experience working with 1,000 companies means TBG is much more than a computer-generated logo sweat shop. We are designers who marry your company’s goals and values with simple, communicative design. With one of the deepest artistic benches in the West, TBG has a plethora of designers to meet your stylistic and functional needs.

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