Brand Development

Brand development

The coals are hot. Where’s my iron? Here son, mark that cow.

It’s sickening, really, that everybody’s a branding expert and that there is no real certification in our industry for brand expertise. If I was going to hire a branding firm, I’d search for a company that’s helped more than 1,000 businesses build, protect and grow their brands. I’ll take experience – and failure and success – as my guideposts vs. some kid with a hot iron.

The world of branding has changed dramatically in recent years. Technology and the internet have transformed how consumers receive information. Take, for example, two of the world’s most admired brands: Coca Cola and Google. How is it that they execute their brands in completely different ways, and yet their brand promise is so stellar? Branding is hard work, and no offshore logo factory is going to build your brand. Branding demands discipline, strategic thinking and experience that transcends, “Yeah, we do branding.”

Our brand development service offerings

Strategic messaging and positioning

The average American male knows about 40,000 words. Women, because they are smarter, know about 50,000 words. And yet there are gazillions of logos floating around our heads. That’s why words matter so much in brand positioning. Let us show you how we come to tell your story in a compelling, concise and effective fashion.

Corporate identity

Dressing for success has never been more important as a constellation of logos, info graphics and snapshots plead with us, “Remember ME!” How your company is presented to its audience is either captivating or ho-hum boring. We believe in form and function when it comes to your corporate identity –  art that INSPIRES your buyers to action.

Brand stewardship

Wells Fargo. Chipotle. Kinda gives you shivers, eh? That’s how quickly a brand can fall. Brand stewardship takes vision and a commitment to preparation long before brand buzzards prey on your dying, decaying heap of broken promises. Let us show you how we can help make you brand stewards of the highest order.

Go-to-market + launch strategies

Mom always said that timing was everything! When and how to go to market can make or break a company. Whether selling eggs or launching the next HBO mini-series, TBG has helped hundreds of companies successfully launch their products and services in grand fashion.

Lead generation + nurturing strategies

Marketing, in its simplest form, is about acquiring and retaining customers. Most folks want to focus solely on lead generation. Nurturing strategies, however, often can be more effective in growing a business when properly executed.

Rebranding campaigns

Rebranding is all the rage these days as new leadership attempts to jump start the brand with a new logo and tagline. Sadly, their efforts are for naught as rebranding is not so much about a logo and spiffy catch phrase. No, rebranding is about integrity and living the values of the company in action and deed.

Collateral design

Form and function. Amazing collateral is both beautiful and enjoyable to navigate. We call it elegant simplicity. When it works. Apple Founder Steve Jobs said it well: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Internal communication vehicles

Always and forever, your most important – and often most neglected – audience is made up of your internal stakeholders. Whether employees, community advocates or boards of directors, using the right vehicles to spread the word is the key to healthy brands.

Research services – consumer + stakeholder

We understand making a commitment to research can be a hard pill to swallow – and not just because of the cost. Whether quantitative or qualitative, research often tells a company what it doesn’t want to hear, and what it must do to win over the heart and minds of its buyers.

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