Behind the scenes: CHP+ “Seasons” advertising production

The Bawmann Group recently tackled the creation of new advertising concepts for the CHP+ health insurance program. From brainstorming the concepts and securing the studios to make-up application and even some stunt work, our team worked diligently to produce some beautiful work for such an important prorgam for working families throughout Colorado. The commericals are set to run starting January 29 and will continue through the month of June in both English and Spanish television programming. The print campaign is set to run starting in February, so be on the look out for some beautiful kids sporting brightly colored seasonal garb. To check out the new ads, click here. In the mean time, check out some of the fun we had during production day…

Costuming our young talent for the     Our fearless leader working on some
 Spring shoot                                            "stunt work" for the camera

Winter commercial production             "Take Five!"

The master of videography giving        Make-up time for the Summer
a lesson to one of our star talents         shoot