Posted by | 20 10 2005
Family Ties:Boulder woman treasures historical records going back six generations

By Yvette Rebik, For the Camera In today's culture, receiving a handwritten letter from a family member seems unique or maybe even strange. E-mails and telephone calls have quickly replaced...

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Posted by | 09 10 2005
Uphill Battle: Independents struggle as pharmacy benefit managers tilt playing field in favor of big chains

Colorado's independent pharmacies face daily battles with pharmacy benefit managers over prescription drug coverage and prices. Mark Kinney, executive director of Rx Plus, gave his thoughts on an FTC pharmacy...

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Posted by | 25 09 2005
Early Breast Cancer Detection and Genetic Counseling

New developments linking genetic components to cancer incidence continue to fascinate physicians and the general public. On Sunday, September 25, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' genetic counselor, Lisa Mullineaux, gave her...

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Posted by | 14 09 2005
A New Predictor of the Likelihood of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Oncotype DX Genomic Assay is a sophisticated genetic test that allows oncologists to predict the likelihood of early-stage breast cancer recurrence within 10 years. Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' physician Dev...

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Posted by | 09 08 2005
Lung Cancer in Women

Following Dana Reeve's diagnosis with lung cancer, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' physician John Fleagle was interviewed on the incidence of lung cancer in women. Dr. Fleagle aired live at 5...

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Posted by | 14 07 2005
New Advances in Hair Replacement

As Coloradans continue to look for hair replacement options, 9News came to the world's leading hair transplant specialist, Dr. Jim Harris, for more information. Dr. Harris was featured in the...

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Posted by | 13 07 2005
Seeking to improve kids’ care

In July, Colorado's Child Health Plan Plus outlined a plan to state health experts and lawmakers that would give 300,000 of Colorado's poorest children their own doctors and preventative care.

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