Posted by | 16 01 2006
When modern care meets elegant assisted living…

By Lisa Marshall, Camera Staff WriterWhen Karen McMurry set out to find a new home for her elderly mother Sally McMurry 15 months ago, she knew precisely what she was...

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Posted by | 05 01 2006
That’s customer service!

Any small business owner will tell you, they can't survive without FedEx-Kinkos! So it was late last night, 12:30 a.m. to be precise, when I stumbled in the Denver-Cherry Creek...

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Posted by | 01 01 2006
No more aching knees

Many runners and triathletes suffer from knee aches and pains. A new technique may help releive that pain. “Joint Energy” is an injection therapy designed to restore knee health for...

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Posted by | 30 12 2005
A half-written thank you note kills the job offer

One of our clients was looking for an internal marketing coordinator. When the leading candidate for the job sent a half-written thank you note to the interviewer, the candidate was...

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Posted by | 27 12 2005
The early bird DOES get the worm…

We recently won a new client which is cause for celebration in and of itself. Later, we learned the client had interviewed several other firms but we were the only...

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Posted by | 23 12 2005
Lehrer’s Flowers supports Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Foundation

Thanks to Lehrer's Flowers for its holiday bouquet campaign supporting Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Foundation! The promotional campaign was featured on 7News on Friday December 23 during the 11 a.m....

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Posted by | 12 11 2005
Film debut a hair-raising experience for Denver doctor

When the world's leading hair transplant specialist, Dr. Jim Harris, agreed to participate in a documentary about combovers, he never imagined it would be a hair-raising experience. Read about the...

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Posted by | 11 11 2005
1,500 kids get Medicaid reprieve

When 1,500 vulnerable Colorado children received a last minute extension of their Medicaid plans, Rocky Mountain News came to Peg Long, CAFCA executive director for a statement. Read More

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Posted by | 27 10 2005
A New Option for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Partial Breast Radiation

Patients suffering from breast cancer now have a radiation therapy option that cuts their treatment time from six weeks to one. News4 came to Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' physician Chad...

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Posted by | 24 10 2005
Drug Effective Against Early Breast Cancer

News4 came to Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers' physician Dev Paul after three studies revealed a stunning drop in the risk of relapse for early-stage breast cancer following the use of...

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