Agelio Networks takes on the Arkansas blizzard

From the moment the flight attendant announced to the passengers that the pilot could not see the runway on its decent into Little Rock, it was apparent that the winter storm would not be mild. The seven hour drive from Memphis (our new landing area) into Conway, Arkansas was more evidence still that the South was not accustomed to Colorado-like weather. Still, Agelio Networks made it safely to the Gin Mill and Bill Sinclair captured NARO Arkansas members’ attention with his newest product, MineralFile.

The "Great Southern Blizzard of 08" could not keep Agelio Networks from reaching out to NARO members about MineralFile.

Bill Sinclair gives a demonstration of MineralFile and stops to pose with Dwight Brown, president of the Arkansas NARO chapter and Jerry Simmons, executive director of NARO.