Crisis Communications

Crisis communications

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. TBG was borne out of years of leading CEOs, board members and others through the challenges of intense media scrutiny. While the media world has changed, the fundamentals have survived: Telling the truth and telling it fast are still the tenets of great crisis communications practices.

Knowing how to avoid traps and how to bridge to your message are still paramount, whether doing an interview for 60 Minutes or your local newspaper. Crisis touches all aspects of an organization. From legal to HR and ethical and fiscal responsibilities, crises often test an organization’s leadership. Integrity, decisiveness and fairness are often called into question, and the ramifications of how a business handles the debacle can be brand killers or brand builders.

Our crisis communications service offerings

Media training

Media training is the gold standard to see how you’ll perform under fire and how well your public responds to your messages.

Message development

Message development, as part and parcel of media training, is a godsend for most organizations that commit to the work. Because message development transcends just doing interviews. It can be used to communicate with employees, stakeholders and stockholders.

Crisis scenario training

Mock crisis training is a great way to put into practice all our communication work to see how you your team functions when there’s a fire or a workplace shooting. Perhaps it’s internal fraud and the SEC has just launched an investigation against your board. Whatever the scenario, TBG can help get you ready.

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