Colorado Bioscience Association


CBSA is a nonprofit membership organization that supports the regional bioscience community through advocacy, resources and advancement of opportunities for collaboration. Through its magazine, CBSA seeksĀ to demonstrate Coloradoā€™s bioscience resources, expertise, competitive industry and overall impact on the stateā€™s economy. CBSA targets its members, key non-members, legislators and bioscience companies in the national market for distribution. Since 2014, TBG assists CBSA with the initial concept for the magazine andĀ designs the entire publication.


TBG redesigned the Colorado BioScienceĀ magazineĀ in 2014 and has been designing the magazine every year since. CBSA has gotten numerous amounts of positive feedback in reference to the magazine, andĀ in 2016 TBG was awarded a Gold KeyĀ award from the Colorado Business Marketing Association for the magazine’s design.


concept development + publication design + illustration


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